The Myths and Realities about Hair Transplantation Process

Most of us would have already heard a lot of stories about Hair transplantation in magazines, news, online, and much more.  But, majority of people are afraid to go for a hair transplantation seeing the worst plugs in their friends and relatives. However, there are lot of positive changes being made in the world of hair transplantation.

Is Hair Transplantation Safe?

These days hair plantation is more safe, viable and even not a risky affair anymore. And, that’s the primary reason why most of the celebrities have already undergone a Capilia greffe cheveux, which they actually don’t admit in public, but can be guessed seeing their then and present pictures.

Not all are blessed with thick hair due to many reasons like genetic and physiological. These days due to pollution and wearing helmets for too long, people tend to lose hair at early age itself.  But, they do not have to worry at all, as there is a permanent solution to all their hair related issues with this hair transplantation method. People of any gender, type, status will have hair loss issues and will be in fear of approaching baldness. But, with this hair transplantation, it can help you let your hair down and live without worries if baldness posed a threat for your life.

Origin of Hair transplantation Process

Hair transplantation was originated in Japan in the year 1939 which created a revolution around the world.  This method was not just used for head but also various body parts which had hair lose like eyebrow and moustache areas. This became a boon for people suffering from baldness. Hair translation helped them not just regain their hair but got back their youth back to life.

Types of Hair Transplantation

There are mainly two types of hair transplantation known as FUT and FUE. FUT means Follicular unit Transplant but commonly knows at FUT and FUE means Follicular unit extraction. Both of these are the methods of Hair transplantation with the only difference being the extraction of transplanted hair.

On the Whole

Hair transplantation has turned out to be a craze for people these days. It’s just not that only people who suffer from lose hair will do hair plantation but also for those who want to change their hair airline and texture also goes for hair plantation these days.

Hair plantation will also help them in having uniformity of hair distribution throughout the scalp. This method is considered the best if you compare with the artificially driven mechanisms that is available around.

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